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Column reader E. Albert comments: "Dear Mr. Waters, keep up the good work. Fresh ideas are rare these days, and I can always use a good laugh."
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George writes a newspaper humor column in Southern California. If your newspaper or favorite humor Web site does not carry George's column, shoot an email to the features editor and stress that he/she visit, or let George know where this terrible oversight has occurred.

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Here are the best of several recent columns. Feel free to tell a friend about this site by clicking on "Spread the Funny."

Sick of standardized testing? Bubble THIS in
"My kids, before their schooling is done and they begin their inevitable careers as underpaid but highly esteemed bloggers, will have endured, at a minimum, the STAR test, CAT/6, SAT, CAHSEE, and quite possibly the TACHS, COOP, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, the FAB 4 and the Dave Clark 5..."

Filing taxes is a breeze with Furbo Fax
"I just finished doing my tax returns for this year, which I always try to do in March so that I have plenty of time to recover from the nausea before hay fever season kicks in. I do my taxes with a computer program (I'll call it "Furbo Fax"), which is great for automating the process of reminding you how little money you make. First, it imports your return from the previous year, briefly displaying a little pop-up screen which says "Seriously? For a family of four?" and then creates a new, blank return..."

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